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Amox Clav Tablets

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willow By willow on
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I was working in my garden, making flowerbeds, and somehow I got my finger scratched. I did not notice it right away, and the scratch had gotten infecfted, even though I thoroughly cleaned it up when I saw it. My finger turned red. I tried antibacterial ointments and other disinfecting solutions, but they wouldn't help, so i went to the doctor.

The doctor said it was a bacterial infection and prescribed Amox-Clav. I was a bit surprised as I expected some kind of a topical treatment, but I got tablets instead. The tablets contain penicillin and are formulated to treat bacterial infections - from the inside. They can be taked with food or before meals. My doctor had warned me about the possibility of getting upset stomach as a side effect and advised to take the tablets with food to prevent that. I followed the advice and never experienced any problems.

As to the effectiveness of this medication, it worked fast and cured the infection completely within a week. I was told to take it for two weeks or while the redness remained. The redness started to go away on day 3. A week later, my finger was as good as new. :)

I paid a little under $100 for a plastic bottle of 20 tablets, so Amox-Clav is not cheap, but it does work.