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Amoxicillin 500mg

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kristyh By kristyh on
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I have been suffering from a bad cold/sinus infection/bronchitis/possible pneumonia- one of those respiratory problems. I went to my doctor on the 9th of February and he game me amoxicillin. I am not a fan of this drug. Sure it is a penicillin based antibiotic, amoxicillin does not actually kill bacterial infections it just makes it impossible for the bacteria, to get inside your cells- and they can not live without a host. Amoxicillin used to work wonders on my frequent ear infections as a child. Then I seriously think I became immune (or at least resistant) to this drug because it has been given to me so many times. Recently I was taking this medicine - 2 pills, twice a day. It says to take it the full ten days, but I showed no improvement in a week- so obviously this was not working for me. I would only recommend taking it if you have not been given this a lot. I try not to go to the doctor if at all possible, but I had been sick for 2 weeks prior and my symptons (cough, rattling in the chest, headaches, sinus drainage, ear pain) were just not responding to OTC meds. On Monday the 16th I switched to omnicef so I will keep you updated on that. I just think amoxicillin must be extremely cheap because they always want to give it for any illness. It does nothing to me, except give me a yeast infection- which is apparently a side effect ;(