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Amscot, You're Okay With Them!

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princessmichelle77 By princessmichelle77 on
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I've never really given much thought to pay day loans. I knew they existed and knew of a few places who did them. Amscot is very prevalent in my area, their branches are everywhere and they advertise like crazy. So when my fiance and I had to take a last minute trip out of state when neither of us was getting paid until the following week Amscot is the first place that came to my mind.

We didn't have any trouble finding one of their locations because as I mentioned before, they are everywhere around here, most locations are open very late and some are even open 24-hours. We walked in and were treated very nicely. Being our first time we had to fill out a little bit of paperwork, submit proper identification and a current pay stub. They go over everything with you and let you know how much you are elligible to borrow. You let them know how much you want within your limit and write them a check for that amount. They tell you when the payment is due, give you your money and you are on your way.

When it's time for you to repay your loan you simply return to any of their locations, it doesn't have to be the one you borrowed the money from. That's extremely convenient! Tell them you are there to make a payment and after the transaction is finalized they will return your check to you with a receipt showing your account is paid off.

They do have a small fee they add on, it isn't very much but it varies in amount depending on how much you borrow. It's a very small price to pay when you need money in an emergency.

It's nice to have something like this available if you need it. We had money coming to us the following week when we got paid but because a situation arose, we needed money right then and there so this service was really helpful to us. I would only recommend using something like this if it's a real emergency and you know you have the money coming to pay it back.

They also offer free money orders and check cashing services if anyone has a need for either of those. They also sell prepaid phone cards and do tax preperations. In fact they probably offer even more stuff that I don't even know about. This review is about the cash advances they offer but I thought I'd throw the other stuff in there too just in case someone needs it. :)