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An Airbrushing Instruction Dvd Worth $$'S

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Although this DVD is entitled "Introduction to Automotive Airbrushing" in my opinion anyone who has any interest in airbrushing would find this an excellent investment. I wasn't certain what to expect from it but as my airbrushing requirements include working on some very expensive custom painted parts, many of which are the pride and joy of very hard core motorbike enthusiasts, the one thing I was really looking for from this video was a good, ground level guide that I could actually benefit from. I can honestly say that I probably learned more watching this particular DVD than I have watching several others that were listed as being 'Beginner' related but which really only left me with more questions. This dvd answered my questions and then some.

Craig Fraser, the airbrush expert who is presented in this DVD does an exceptional job of providing the viewer with a multitude of tips, tricks and how-to's through out the 90 minutes and the one area that I found quite valuable was when he disassembled his airbrush and explained what each part did, whether or not it was safe to clean the specific part in cleaning solutions normally used and what parts of the airbrush are susceptible to damage. Offering tips on what to look for, especially in the case of certain types of issues that can be caused by things like the needle not set correctly in the airbrush, allowed me to understand more fully just what to expect and what to look for when using my own.

This DVD offered me so much information but in such an excellent presentation that it was difficult not to walk away with some additional useful and practical knowledge not to mention a far larger amount of confidence than I had before watching it. Craig goes through a number of different techniques and practice sessions that will have even the most novice airbrush user up to speed quickly. His concise, easy to follow step by step instructions allows you to follow along and clearly begin to understand where problems can occur, how to remedy them and how to create airbrush work that is not only easy to master but looks great. His technique for practicing and mastering the dagger stroke, thin and thick lines and connecting small and large circles using just the airbrush trigger as the method of control, was highly beneficial to improving my accuracy and skill. The lessons are easy, straight forward and very enjoyable to both watch and do.

The only Con that I can possibly associate with this particular DVD is that it didn't pack into it all of the knowledge that Craig Fraser obviously holds. I will definitely be picking up other DVD's from this Company and hosted by this particular professional in the very near future.

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