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An Amazing Soymilk Maker!

Reviewing: Kitchen's Best Mfg. Soy Quick Premier Milk Maker 930 P  |  Rating:
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I have been buying soy milk at the grocery store for a few years now but have always cringed at how much it cost. So I spent some time over the past few months investigating soy milk makers to determine if making it at home would be a good idea. I found that there are a good selection to choose from and they can be a bit pricey. The SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker 930P, by Kitchen's Best Manufacturing is one of the more expensive models, but in my opinion worth every penny. Have no illusions, homemade soy milk is not the same as store brands, and it takes some experimentation to come upon a recipe that suits your taste, but do not fret. You may find that after a few experiments with the recipes the manufacturer provides, that you may like your own homemade version much better!

Now about the machine! This machine is very efficient at what it does. It has three settings; Soymilk, Nutmilk, and Mung Bean. I have only used the Soy setting myself. You should soak your beans over night to avoid beany flavor, but aside from this all you need to do is dump the beans in the carafe and fill to the appropriate level marked on the side with water. Plug the machine in, hit the button and let it do its thing! The machine can complete a cycle in less than twenty minutes at which point it beeps to let you know it is finished. At which point you need only strain the milk from the okara (bean leftovers) using the strainer provided and that's it. I strain the milk a number of times, because it does settle and a bit of okara (bean leftovers) does tend to remain in the bottom as it settles.

It is important to follow the guidelines in the recipe book provided to avoid any user caused mishaps. In my case, I didn't use the measuring cup they provided to measure the beans and instead used a regular measuring cup and inadvertently doubled the amount of beans which resulted in the machine over boiling. This was entirely my own fault, as their cup measures at 1/2 a cup and I used a normal measuring cup - my bad!

I have found cleaning the machine incredibly easy. It is wise to do so immediately after the cycle is finished and can be done quickly with warm water running from the tap and gently wiping the heating element and blades with a sponge. It takes less than a minute and than your done. The machine does have sharp blades that are used to grind the beans when it is processing them, so it is wise to be aware of their presence and use caution when cleaning them.

The customer service is also terrific. I had to call and request a new power cord as the one it came with would not fit snuggly and kept falling out and ending the cycle. They replaced it quickly and for free. They were absolutely wonderful to talk with as well. Also, within a month I received a hand written thank you note from them thanking me for choosing their machine and giving it a nice review on Amazon.com whom I purchased it through.

The economics of making your own milk are well worth it as well. I purchased 4 1/2 pounds of soybeans. I use approximately 1 1/2 of their cups worth with each batch. I make milk about two or three times a week. At this rate I have figured out that the machine could pay for itself in less than a year.

All in all, it is one of the best purchases I've made in a while. I have not one complaint with it and recommend it to anyone who wants the convenience of making their own soy milk when they need it, as well as saving a whole of of cash as well!