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An Awesome 3rd Person 3 D Adventure

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Jemmy Hosea By Jemmy Hosea on
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I borrow this game from my friend. It is an awesome 1st person 3D adventure game for Windows. This game published by Digital Extremes. The story tells about a "cleaner" named Hayden who works for agency. He was charged with taking care of other agents' failed operations. He was sent to the port city of Lasria, Russia to complete the mission in order to eliminate all the infected. The infected will turn into horrible creatures. Later, Hayden also got infected. Being infected, he gains special ability to use a glaive to eliminate his enemies. Not only glaive, Hayden also had the ability to use special guns that available at the Black Market to purchase. At the Black Market, he also can upgrade his weapons to make it more accurate and deathly. This game is pretty creepy to play, but fun. This game contains of ten chapters to play. About the health, there's no HUD (health's bar) in this game, so damage is represented by a reddening of the screen. When nearing critical status, you'll begin to hear Hayden's heartbeat. Whenever you do, that is your clue to find some cover until Hayden returns to normal. Hayden also can sprint and dodge. Sprinting not just useful for traveling through the game faster, but allows Hayden to run through volleys of fire without taking enough damage to kill him. You can charge enemies while sprinting to land a finisher on them, or use it to run away. Dodging your main means of avoiding damage, you'll be using it frequently through-out the game, from beginning-to-end, to put some distance between Hayden and a threat. This game gives me a stunning 3D effect. To run this game, I use Phenom 9850 and Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB. I play this game at optimal resolution with full effect. This is one of my best games to play.