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An Elliptical Initiation I Liked It!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I recently had a chance to try the Precor EFX 5.37 elliptical trainer. Although I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, and it needed adjusting to fit me better, I enjoyed the experience much more than a treadmill.

I really hate indoor exercise equipment. Send me outside any day instead! That said, my husband and I were recently at a hotel and he wanted to exercise so I said that I would go along and keep him company. He has recently come through cardio rehab and is pretty comfortable with some of the machines. But neither of us had used an elliptical trainer before.

There were no directions posted in the exercise room, so we had to just go with what was printed on the “dashboard, ” and some guesswork.

The pedals are really high off the floor, so it feels a little odd to get on the machine. There are two places where you can place your hands. There are upright bars to hold that you pump to add an upper body workout to the routine. I liked this whole-body aspect of the workout a lot. You really are moving your whole body a lot on this machine. Or if you place your hands on an inner set of fixed grips it will measure your heart rate.

It seemed sensible to push “Quickstart” and see what happened. What I got was a pre-programmed timed routine that was targeted to my thighs and buttocks. Of course there are ways to change this, but it wasn’t obvious how to do that, and since I wasn’t going to be coming back I didn’t take the time to try to figure it out.

The machine says that you can adjust the pedals for stride length and angle, but you would need an instruction book (or perhaps just some time) to know how to do it. It was adjusted for someone much larger than I am. By putting one foot at the very front of the pedal and the other at the very back I was able to fit on the machine. Another indication that it should have been adjusted is that although the program said it was for my thighs and buttocks, instead, my calves were burning the entire time I used the machine (15 minutes).

You could scroll through a number of different readouts including calories burned, time, miles, and strides per minute. The on-line literature says that there are a lot more workout stats available, if you know how to ask the machine to tell you about them.

There are also supposed to be a total of fifteen different pre-programmed workouts in the machine to target various areas of the body. And it will store information from four users.

I have since read about the capabilities of this machine and the list is pretty impressive if you know how to make it work for you. See the link below for all that information

I was not bored to tears when I finished my fifteen minutes. I actually think that I could enjoy using a machine like this one. It is billed as a home exercise machine, but at about $5000 we won’t be bringing it to our home any time soon!

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