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An Epic Adventure Of Epicness

Reviewing: Eos The Last Hero By Terry Pratchett  |  Rating:
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Mix the epic and hilarious fantasy world of Terry Pratchett, with the epic and beautiful illustrative abilities of Paul Kidby, and you get an epic fable so huge it can only be called The Last Hero.

And really, everything about this book is epic: a titanic race against time to save all of the Disc, and a geriatric Hero seeking to flip the celestial bird at the very gods themselves.

If you see this lying around your local used bookstore, buy it. Buy three, two to keep locked away and one to taunt your friends with. This story combines all of the classic elements of Terry Pratchett's stories, from impending doom and magical devices and satire of Fantasy conventions as old as time itself; Humor that will have you laughing out loud on the bus (possibly peeing a little bit too), tragedy that will have on the verge of tears, and razor-edged commentary on the world we live in today.

The illustrations by the undisputed master of Discworld art, Paul Kidby, leave nothing to be desired, and are full-fledged adventures in themselves worth poring over before you turn the page. The diagram on the varieties of Swamp Dragon alone is worth the cost of the book, and the hilarious subtleties in each sketch and the amazing beauty of the full-page, full-color, paintings will leave you breathless.

The story is a lot shorter than the standard Discworld fare, sacrificing the usual complex subplots and sidepaths to tell a single fable in beautiful, rich detail; and it works fabulously.