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An Experience Like No Other

Reviewing: Monster Audio Beats By Dr. Dre Solo Hd Edition  |  Rating:
Joshua Sembrano By Joshua Sembrano on
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The Beats By Dr. Dre Solo HD edition are great headphones for everyday use for whether your on the go, in a train, at school, in the library, or your just sitting at home listening or watching a movie. These Headphones are available at Best Buy for a hundred and eighty dollars and they come in black, white, and red.


The Overall Design of these headphones are great. They're light, comfortable, durable, and the overall build quality of the product is awesome. One downside, however, is that if you ever fall asleep with them on, the speaker assembly tends to fall out of the main head band. This poses a problem because when you attempt to fix them, the speaker wire's rubber becomes stripped and could eventually break.


Most important part of these headphones are obviously the sound. I bought these headphones specifically for the strong base, which is there undoubtably. However, the strong base, at max volume, almost destroys the vocals and kills the other instrumentals. Even with Monster's attempt at correcting this error from the original Solos by adding "Titanium coated drivers" to fix the issue did nothing but lower the volume. The issue is clearly still there and it is easily noticed. The highs heard from these are average, so average that you can hear them on a cheap four-dollar pair of ear buds. The mids and lows are another story. Both of these vocal levels contain rich clarity and fit very well with the heavy bass.

Packaging and protection:

Monster has done a spectacular job with packaging this product, along with other products in the "Beats by Dr. Dre" series. the box is completely cardboard and the outer packaging is in two parts, a thin black removable sleeve and the red box contains all the materials. On the back, it shows the headphones themselves with a summary of the headphones, which are obviously advertising them.

Inside the box, you find the headphones inside a soft-shell case which offers amazing protection and security to the headphones. to the left side of the box, you find warranty information and a set of two Monster cables. One cable is equipped with push to talk, and the other is just a plain wire without the remote control functionality. The Control To Talk control found on one of the wires is very weird and unpredictable. The controller is very fragile, and the voice clarity being received on the other side of the call from the microphone is not as great as I expected it to be. When using the microphone, I often found myself screaming into the wire because the person i was talking to could not hear me. Also, do not wear the Beats with the control to talk wire connected to them while video chatting because the computer recognizes it as a microphone, and often the sound clarity of your voice is terrible; the other side cannot hear you. The case is a great plus to the package, and has saved my headphone many times from destruction.

Should you buy these headphones?

The answer to this question really varies on who you are, what your everyday is like, and what type of music do you listen to. ATHLETES: these headphones are a great solution for that type of athlete who is looking for headphones with amazing bass to pump you up. TRAVELERS: these headphones are great for traveling because you can put them anywhere without worrying about having no room and you can throw them around without them breaking. These headphones are also great for running, the gym, and just hanging with your friends. I am an all season swimmer, I run track, and an avid traveler. Also as a side note, I run hurdles and I ran with my Beats on and they didn't fall off during a 400 intermediate hurdle set.