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An Lg Blu Ray Compliments Our Lcd

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When we were shopping for our new LCD television, we noticed a deal with LG on one of their lesser priced non-LED televisions. If you bought the television, you got the Blu-Ray player for half off. We actually considered buying into the deal, but decided we wanted the LED LCD because the picture quality was so much better. We spoke to the sales person and asked if we could get the same deal, if we bought the more expensive LG LED television. He spoke with the manager and got us the deal! Therefore, we only paid $99 for the player.

This BD370 Blu-Ray player is the perfect match-up for an LG. Of course, the brand is the same, you say, and I agree. When we hooked the player to our television by HDMI the devices immediately connected and knew exactly what to do. We did not have to program the player at all because it got all the information it needed from the television satellite.

When we play any disk, the television automatically switches to its HDMI input. We do not have to change any settings or fumble around with the remote. Seemingly, everything works like magic. For whatever reason, our surround system even knows a disk is playing and automatically switches to CD/DVD sound from TV/Sat, which it never did before we got this new set-up. (You do have to switch back to television when the disk is finished. However, the TV switch on the remote is marked with huge letters, and at the top, so you cannot miss it.)

As you probably know, Blu-Ray players play regular and enhanced DVDs too. Given that, we moved our old DVD player to the master bedroom. The new player takes DVD information and makes the picture better than it was when played on a DVD player, again magic. The Blu-Ray disks also play beautifully and the picture quality is superb.

We love the new system! When everything is on automatic sync, your life becomes easier.

The BD370 LG Blu-Ray player plays all formats, including CD music. It has Internet connectivity, Netflix, and You-Tube accessibility. You cannot do a WiFi set-up, it does not have an internal antennae. It was recommended to us to hardwire by Ethernet anyway because WiFi signal strength can drop and mess up whatever you are streaming for a miserable viewing experience.

We have never had such an easy time hooking any components up before. Nor have we ever had any system automatically set itself up. I think this LG BD370 Blu-Ray would be perfect for anyone, assuming it does the same with all brands of televisions. If not, consider buying the same television we did for a seamless operation. We are extremely pleased.



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