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Anathem By Neal Stephenson

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By drobinson on
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'Anathem' an epic science fiction novel by renowned American author Neal Stephenson is about the collision of sentient beings from different worlds. It is the story of young Fraa Erasmas of the Concent of Edhar, told from his perspective. As one of the avout, a group of monk like scholars, Erasmas enjoys splendid isolation with his fellow Fraas and Suurs from the general population of his home planet, Arbre. However, the once in ten years celebration of Apert and the opening of the Concent's gates throws Erasmas' life into disarray. The tranquility of the Concent is shattered and the Avout are forced to redefine their role on Arbre. Together its peoples join together to meet the challenge of alien visitation.

Stephenson writes strongly, depicting his fictional world in lucid detail. The characters of Arbre and their diverse culture and history come alive under Stephenson's masterly pen. A brilliant must-read for fans of the genre.