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Anchorage And Mat Su Valley Alaska

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Alaska is too huge of a place with so many different options of travel and adventure that people tend to pick one type of vacation first then realize that they want to try other places and other times of the year for wilderness. It really depends on what type of adventure you will want on your vacation. It will vary from 4-7 day cruises through the Alaskan Pan-Handle, one day cruises through the scenery of Seward, from a train trip up to Fairbanks or the town of Seward from Anchorage. If you love hiking and camping out in the woods, this is also perfect because you will not find any type of neighbour for miles except for a moose or a bear.

Staying a hotel helps keep the misquitos away. I have let a misquito bite me down in the lower 48 states and have not received a hive from it yet when I watched a misquito bite me in Alaska and after I let her suck enough blood before smashing her against my palm, I received a big hive that kept me going crazy from attempting not to itch it. Then I enjoyed too many different types of beer made fresh in restaurants/brewery's. You must like darker beer to be indulged in the different tastes.

Different bodies of whater surround you. The airplane ride into Anchorage is the most beautiful landing I have ever experienced. Anchorage rests on the flat grounds of the Chugach Mountain Range. The plane heads from the Cook Inlet giving you the perfect few of the year-round snow covered mountains. When the sunsets in the summer time the reflection against the snow makes it so breath taking. In the winter the cast of the moon makes everything glimmer and sparkle.

The longest day of the year (celebrated always June 21.) is a major celebration in every town. Drum circles, live music, and dancing to celebrate a sunset approximately at 11:30pm with the sunrise at 4:30am. Fourth of July never has fireworks because the sky does not get dark enough to even see stars.

The winter is just the opposite. The solstice is December 21st with the sun setting at 3:45pm and rising at 10:45am. The Aurora Borealis dances across the sky during the long winter months. The display of colours crackling and flowing like the wave and ebb of a tide is impossible to explain how miraculous the scene is. Both sunsets and sunrises are based in Anchorage. Towns more north [Fairbanks or the most northen town in the USA, Point Barrow] will be more intense as towns South [Juneau or Sitka] will have less drastic landscape.

Take the tours. Walk around town. Rent a car. See mountain after mountain with moose, bald eagles, whales, and fish jumping out of the water. Occasionally a black or brown bear and mountain goats along the Seward highway. There is too many things to decide what is the best vacation. No matter what, it is a vacation worth taking at least once, if not twice to see it both in the summer and winter, in a life time.