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And Then There Was Lite.

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akamai By akamai on
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As of late, the Nintendo DS Lite has garnered a massive amount of attention, from the majority of the casual gaming community, and a couple of hardcore gamers. There are many, many positive points about this handheld, and a few qualms to accompany it.

Let's start with the actual hardware. The DS is about as slim as a double-screened handheld can get, and just about beats the Nintendo DS Phat and Sony PSP in portability, due to its sleekness and folding screens. The screens are pristine and have extremely sharp and vivid colors, which is practically rainbow eyecandy for the customer. However, this is where some of the negativity starts. One, the screens are will gather quite a few scratches once in a while, especially in games with heavy use of the touch screen, e.g. Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents. This can be remedied by buying screen protectors, which can be bought online for cheap (lowest I've seen was a bit more than a buck for the top and bottom protectors) and up to 6-7 dollars in a retail store. The online ones are highly recommended. A notable flaw is the tendency of the White Nintendo DS Lite to be susceptible to hinge snapping, so it requires much, much more maintenance. The plastic case can also retain some dust or grime from heavy usage.

The controls on the NDS Lite are very decent, although one could bear some nostalgia for a better D-pad, since the directional pad is very uncomfortable to use at first. Otherwise, the controls are fine. The L or R button may have some problems in the future due to wear and tear.

Battery life is greatly increased, and there are about five brightness settings for the user to pick from. One of the NDS Lite's jewels are its selection of games.

The NDS' selection of games is now topping over a thousand titles, but there are about only 90-100 actually notable titles from the whole batch. Some of these titles include the New Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Mario Kart DS, Elite Beat Agents, FFXII: Revenant Wings, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, and the Phoenix Wright Series. There are more notable games on the DS' list than the PSP's, but the taste is all left to the customer. Ifyou are a casual gamer, you can pick up a Nintendo DS and go. If you, however, long for games with detail and games that require some effort, go pick up a PSP. Prices are generally cheap, a Nintendo DS Lite costs around $130 at most retail stores.