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And They Keep On Coming...

Reviewing: Tokyopop Digimon Volume 2  |  Rating:
By Collin Skeen on
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I have been waiting for this volume of Digimon for a very long time, as it shows the small resurgence that Digimon is experiencing. The first volume provided a good start for the manga adaptation...does this volume do the same?

The translation is exactly like the first volume. ENGLISH TERMS. Many fans won't mind this, but many of the more hardcore fans will, so that's just a small warning. There were far less typos in this volume, which is always welcomed.

The artwork in this volume really hits you. Devimon looks so absolutely sinister and evil, he's just fun to look at. The front cover looks great with Matt and Garurumon on the green background.

Most of the episodes remained intact, with the exception of one, which happens to be a fan-favorite. The fight between Tai and Matt is completely omitted, which really takes some of the meaning out of their relationship. When it came to understanding the overall story, though, the manga left just enough in to make it understandable, which is a great thing.

Although I missed the fight, this volume was extremely enjoyable. I don't know if it was just nostalgia or what, but I liked this volume better than the first. If the manga series can keep this up, then the Digimon manga series is going to be great. If you're a Digimon fan, go buy Digimon Volume 2 RIGHT NOW!