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Anderson All Season Storm Door

Reviewing: Anderson Windows And Doors 2000 Series #21632 Self Storing Door  |  Rating:
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Several weekends ago I helped my ex-husband install his new all season door. It came out well but let me tell you, this project took way longer than we expected it to and took a whole bunch of tools to get it done.

The door is by Anderson Windows and Doors and is the 2000 series self storing door model number 21632. The door is reversible which means that none of the hardware has been installed nor have any of the holes for it have been drilled. This was the most time consuming part of the project and it had to be done correctly to first time to avoid the door looking like Swiss cheese when we were done. Lining up where all the holes had to go could be done by just one person but I know he told me numerous times that he was grateful to have the extra set of hands there to hold everything. The door comes with a huge list of tools that are required to install it and I have included a picture above of all we needed. If your tools box is limited, you may want to let a pro come and install this for you.

He chose this door because of the self storing feature. He did not want to look out the glass through the screen all the time. The self storing feature allows you to drop the glass or the screen down so it is stored in the bottom of the door. The door was available with either brass or nickel hardware and even has a keyed deadbolt for security. The feature I really like on it it the bar that holds the door open. It is located on the bottom of the door and is easy to operate with your foot and stays open without slowly sliding closed like the door I have does. I also like how easy it is to drop the glass down and lift the screen up. The old door I have at my house, I have to struggle with to move the glass down.

The hardest part of getting this door installed was definitely getting the holes correct, after that it was pretty simple to do. He has had the door up for several weeks now and has been very pleased with how well it has worked for him. I was over there last weekend and was checking it out and I think it's time to replace the old one we have with one of these.