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Android Phones Pros And Cons

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Carling Kalicak By Carling Kalicak on
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Android phones, convenient and compatible or not? That answer depends on you the user. If you like to type fast and know where the keys are without even looking at the phone then an android phone without a qwerty keyboard is not for you. If you like having everything at your finger tips without being married to a particular setting then the android is for you.

When I first got an android phone my father was right when he said "I don't think you are going to enjoy it" he said this because I was an avid texter who knew how to make corrections to a text without even a glance. When I got the android phone it was awkward, it is very sensitive and can get frustrating at time's even with a swype mod but I have to give kudo's to the phone, my boyfriend often comments "is there anything that phone can't do?".

It literally is a wonderous creation because it's not just about the company who creates the phone, it's about the people who create the apps for the phone that make it so worthy. Product in general is based on the case studies preformed and recorded by companies interviewing the public. With an android phone you have access to an elite community of these very people with 'like minds' designing programs for you and I. There is something for everyone and the market is heating up fast, it's like the saying "it's all been done before" and quite literally with the android market it has. Sure we don't have BBM but who cares! A blackberry user doesn't have access to nearly half the stuff I do. When I need a metal quote I got it, when I need a percentage calculator I got it. If I want to record my monthly cycle and have it tell me when I'm ovulating, I can do that! Sure the keyboard and the battery life could be improved on but overall an android phone is a great phone!

I know I gave it some harsh ratings but I still have yet to understand the durability, plus there are a few other bugs that could be worked on. One is the phone it's self is heat activated and sensitive to touch. The companies try their best to accommodate for this by making things slightly difficult to use but that doesn't mean accidents aren't going to happen (like calling your boss in the middle of your girls night out for instance). The second is obviously the battery, with so many apps running in the background sometime's the phone wont even last longer than a few hours. This is not good for someone on a road trip who's lighter plug doesn't work. The third is the screen. I don't know what it is made of but I know that everything is activated by it, so, I just hope that it doesn't get scratched and scuffed up because once that happens there is no other option but to get a new one.