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Angel Dvd Collection Good Watch

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By moonshadow68 on
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Last week, I bought the entire "Angel" television series in a DVD collection. Immediately, I hate the packaging.

Instead of coming in traditional dvd packaging The package is basically square, holding each of the five seasons in an indivudal binder. After looking at it for a week, I realize that the packaging is mroe eco-friendly and less consumptive than other packaging options, but I still don't like it.

Then, I start watching the DVD's. Again I am disappointed. the number of episodes per dvd varies and the inconsistency bothers me. DVD menu operation is not designed for ease of watching. there is no play all episodes option. I have to select an episode and then wait for the screen to load before I can tell it to load the episode. Mostly, it just annoys me.

After the episode, it does not automatically return to the main menu screen. I know the time it takes to tell it to go there is not much, but it is not designed with consumer prefernces in mind.

Finally, after messing witht he dved controls, I sat down and watched the first season. Well, actually, I sat down over the next four days and watched the first season.

Now I remember why I love this show. I adored the character of Doyle, an Irish beer-swilling half demon with visions sewnt from the "Powers That Be" to point out the good, though sometimes nowhere near innocent, people, or demons, who need saving.

Part of the fun of this show is that it also shows that some of the demons are good. The idea that extraworldly critters could be morally ambiguous is great! I especially enjoy the first time the amin characters ahve to save a bunch of evil demons from slavery.

This series was great fun when it was on television and now that I own it, I am certain I will enjoy it over and over again. The replay value is high and enjoyment factor even higher.