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Angelcare Baby Movement Sound Monitor

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Beth Kayhart By Beth Kayhart on
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With all the horror stories I have heard of infants dying in their sleep, I was terrified when I was pregnant of how I would ever sleep at night once my baby was born. I was thrilled when I heard that they had a movement monitor for use at home that was actually reasonably priced. I bought the AngelCare Movement & Sound Monitor for under $90. The one I have looks slightly different than the ones that are sold now, but they work the same.

This is the best monitor ever invented. I got it and set it up. But I wondered, how could I be sure it would work? How could it possibly pick up only the movement of my baby breathing? It's pretty easy to tell if it's working. When the baby is sleeping, there should be no alarm going off. But several times after taking my baby out of the crib and forgetting to turn off the monitor, like clockwork at the set number of seconds, there is a warning click, and then a few seconds later the alarm sounds. Ah yes, it works. We had very few false alarms (if the baby moves to the farthest edge of the crib, out of the sensitivity range). Of course that will give you a heart attack the first time it happens, but you learn to live with the rare occurrences of it. I could actually sleep at night when my baby was sleeping. I am such a nervous person I would have otherwise been constantly checking to see if my baby was breathing. I didn't need to though because I had an Angel watching over my son.

It comes with the movement sensor pad and instructions on how to install everything. One thing that we found necessary is to place the pad on top of a firm piece of plywood, under the crib mattress. It needs a firm, solid surface to work on. This will help reduce the possibility of false alarms. It comes with the sound monitor as well, which can be plugged in or use a battery to move around the house. Follow all the directions and you will be very pleased.

I had a friend who had an extremely premature baby and was scared of her dying in her sleep. She knew I had purchased this monitor and borrowed it from me, as my son was much older by then. It was amazing that she was able to sleep at night too without worry. This won't prevent your baby from stopping breathing, but you will be notified within seconds so that you can do something about it. I would rather have this immediate warning than wake up in the morning to find the unimaginable.