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Angelina Jolie Salt From Redbox Dvd Rentals Only $1!

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Redbox DVD Retails - Salt

'Salt', with Angelina Jolie was released in US movie theatres in late July of 2010, and was available on DVD by Christmas. I just rented it from Redbox and enjoyed it a lot. Granted, I am a big Angelina fan, and I am very willing to give her some leeway for slightly unbelievable, but well done action scenes (a 'la Mr and Mrs Smith).

In the movie, Angelina plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA operative with advanced training, who becomes embroiled in a series of complex deceptions, chases, and altercations. I think that the official trailer communicates a little too much about the plot, but it certainly gives a feel for its action. The movie was directed by Philip Noyce, who also worked with Angelina on 'The Bone Collector'. Liev Schreiber (from all the Scream movies) plays Evelyn's boss in the CIA.

If you don't like action, or can't handle a bit of movie violence, then this movie is not for you. This is not highly stylized girl fighting like 'Charlie's Angels' - Angelina shoots to kill, breaks bones, and gets really bloody. There are a few tender moments, too. I don't want to give too much information and be a spoiler.

The standard DVD, which I watched, has several special features:

On Angelina's physical training and stunts,

Showing some of her disguise make-up,

An interview with the director, and

A filmmaker's commentary track.

The Blu-ray edition has even more extensive special features.

Since I missed Salt in the theatres, I was very happy to see it prominently displayed in a Redbox video rental machine. I love Redbox since its rentals are only one dollar and you can return the videos to any of its machines (typically at convenience stores, drug or grocery stores, and even some McDonald's). I also really like the fact that you can use the web to check the available inventory of DVDs at nearby machines, and then reserve what you want.

While I have some friends who rave about Netflix, a membership doesn't really work for me, because often I will go several months without watching a movie at home. Since I started using Redbox, about a year ago, I haven't been to a brick and mortar video rental shop. I apologize to my non-USA friends, Redbox seems to be focusing on one country at the moment.