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Angry Birds

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Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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Angry Birds is a free game, which can be found online or in just about any application marketplace. You can play this game online or download it on to your mobile phone. Since this is free, I did not pay for it. You can find this from just about anywhere. I don't now too much about the game such as the name of the green blobs.

The concept of the game is pretty simple. You must use different types of birds to destroy the pigs. The pigs stole the bird' eggs. Now the birds on flying in the pigs' territories and taking back those eggs. Different birds do different things. You can find out what they do by click or tapping the screen. Some birds will drop an egg bomb while other birds will speed up.

It took me ages to complete one stage. There are so many levels so it will keep you pretty preoccupied while you try to complete the game. There are hundreds of level. It is very addicting to play this game. Each stage, you get a selection ofbirds and then you launch them at the pigs. Sometimes I get lucky and I can clear the stage with one bird. Sometimes it takes me all the birds. I think there is some strategy involved with this game. The less birds you use to complete the level, the more points you score. For example, I score more points when completing the level using only one bird. Each remaining bird will add 10, 000 points to my score. This is the reason I say it is better to use less birds.

So after playing this game for a while, I find that it is great for kids. Give you phone or tablet to your kids during a long car drive and you can keep them pretty preoccupied. This game goes on for ages and it is easy enough so anyone can complete a level with little difficulty. Kids won't get bored of this game as there are so many stages and each one is very unique. This game isn't very educational in terms of learning a subject or something like that. It is educational in the sense that it can teach kids to plan their actions and teach them they can use trial and error as a method of solving a problem.

The game itself is pretty well made. I love the voices the birds speak in when they are being launched. It has pretty good graphics. The game is easy enough to follow. I find that the game does not work too well on small screen devices as it is harder to get precision. It's a bit annoying as your finger will be covering a large portion of the screen. This leaves you with barely any space for you to see what is happening.