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Angry Birds Rio

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Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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Angry Birds Rio is a free game just like the original Angry Birds. The game concept is the same, but no pigs are involved this time. Angry Birds Rio is based on the Movie "Rio". Birds are locked in cages and it is up to you to launch these birds and free the birds from the cages. It sound a bit confusing, but it really isn't once you get started.

I find that Angry Birds Rio is also great for kids. I find that Angry Birds Rio is easier for kids to play compared to Angry Birds original. I guess younger kids should play Angry Birds Rio as it is more suitable. It is easier so they can pass the levels with flying colors. If the game is too hard, than kids will get bored and quit. Angry Birds Rio will make sure that does not happen. The game is easy enough, but it also adds a bit of a challenge in each level. For Angry Birds Rio, many of the game levels occur indoors instead of outdoors as seen in Angry Birds original.

Angry Birds Rio also has a lot of levels. There are hundreds of levels, which will keep you pretty preoccupied. This game is pretty similar to Angry Birds original. However, the pigs are replaced with birds in cages. The goal of the game is to unlock all the cages and let the birds fly away. It is a pretty easy concept.

The only thing I found annoying about the Angry Birds Rio is the light fixtures. In each game, there are lights that dangle from the ceiling. When a bird hits the light bulb or the light cord, it will either slow down or change angles. This makes the game a bit more challenging. However, I find it extremely annoying because I constantly hit these light fixtures. The other problem I found with this game is that there are no options. There 's no way to give your self unlimited birds or change the number of cages to open. In other words, you cannot customize any of the settings in the game. I find this a disadvantage. However, this game was well made. I didn't notice or experience any glitches. This game is free online or you can download it from the Android Marketplace. I actually downloaded it from the Android Marketplace. This is free so if you don't like it, you can always delete it risk free.