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Animal Crossing Wild World

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Gabriel Kawa By Gabriel Kawa on
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After reading the back of the game cover I decided to buy the game I bought the game for two reasons.One the game was cheap and because I had a lot of money at the time I decided why not.

Secondly the main reason for buying the game was because it was made by Nintendo. I was so happy to buy the game because it was my first strategy game for the Nintendo DS, Hours later I gave the game a try and came to a conclusion.

This is the best strategy game I ever played! I yelled in excitement. That brings me to me saying five years later and they make another animal crossing game for the handheld gamimg system the 3DS. The graphics of Animal crossing are farily good and when the 3DS comes out the graphics will be much better than the wii's graphics. The sound I would rate as 3/5 because I know that no game is perfect even though some games have come close to achieving this.

The sound is most noticeible when you wake up every moring and go to town, also when you do to K.K Slider on Saturday's his signing is a problem. I'm not sure if this is part of the game or just because he's an animal it makes it hard for the player to understand what is being sang. Now for the gameplay you are a character who has left everything behind to move to a new to and start a new life. Now when you get into the car the driver will ask you some questions and based on your answers you will move into a specific town and have certain looks.