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Animal Crossing Wild World Ds

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By Judith DaSilva on
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General Overview:

Can be played using touch screen/stylus or controls. Top screen is connected with the lower screen, if you are outside the lower screen is the ground with your character and the top screen is your sky (which plays a role in the game later on)


The game lacks a storyline...there is none! The concept of the game is to befriend with your neighbors and try to improve your standard of living in the game. That involves the house you live in and the environment as well as the town.


This is the game's strong point...There is so much to do in this game. Can I just give you a tip of the iceburg? You can dig for fossils and try to complete the fossil museum, you can catch bugs and try to complete the bug collection in the museum, you can try to catch fish and complete the fish collection in the museum, you can plant flowers and trees and even breed flowers! You can expand your house, decorate it with matching furniture sets or wallpapers and tiles, you can try to make money by planting different type of trees and selling their fruits...the list goes on! Sadly without WiFi the gameplay may get repetitive...


Plain ugly, its a plain 3D blocky, huge pixelated environment, and rough on the edges. If it wasn't for the cute design and layout of the game it would probably really hurt the game. Because the environment and characters is designed well it really isnt that bad, thus the graphic shouldn't really hurt your eyes.


Fits the game perfectly well, joyful melodies can really make your mood go from sad to happy. One thing that is annoying, the character sounds, when you go up and talk to a character it sounds more like a screeching noise than a greeting noise...and you have to hear it everytime they speak...


Like I said, without WIFI the game will get repetitive and boring in the next month or two (thats if you play everyday), I can GUARANTEE THAT!! Wifi enables the players to trade items, play games with friends (tag, bug catching contest, fishing contest, etc) and even speed up things with completing furniture sets in your house...without it, the game gets tedious and repetitive quite fast, so I highly suggest you have some WIFI connection for this game.

Overall Grade:--4/5

It's great for the kids, its like a Barney in a handheld, can really keep those kids quiet for those long road trips. It just may be a little too difficult for them to grasp on catching bugs or fish or digging for fossils...but lets hope the cheery and happy environment keeps them busy. As for the older audience, its a good game, but you will need WIFI to truly enjoy every content of this game.