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Animal Sounds Fun, A Book A Teether!

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I believe that it's never to early to start promoting an interest in reading with children.

Animal Sounds Fun is a cloth "book", there's only 3 "pages". The spine of the book is a bumpy textured, plastic handle shaped teether with 3 different shaped ring teethers attached. Each page has the cellofane crinkleys sewn in to it. The cover has 2 triangle shaped textured teethers sewn into the 2 outter corners...perfect because my little guy mostly chews on this 'book" right now anyways! Inside the fabric of the middle page is a squeeky gizmo that squeeks LOUDLY when you push or squeeze it.

This book is brightly colored and BUSY with lots of patterns in the back grounds of each picture. It's has very simple and basic sentences on each page!...an example from one page .."Ribbit " says the frog. With a picture of a frog of course! Ther are 6 animals covered in this book. I have found that babies/ toddlers LOVE the whole animal noise silliness. So I think this book/toy is good start for my little guy! like I said though his main interest right now is chewing on it and the great thing about this book/toy is that HE CAN chew on it...drool on it ... or what ever...it's not gonna hurt it! He is really into the crunchy- crinkley part too!

I have gotten quite a few giggles out of him "reading" it to him and overexaggerating the animal noises! It's been a great addition to his toy collection...and teethers!

I'm not sure if this is ok to put into the washer...I think not though because of the sqeeky toy part in it..but it wipes down easily enough.