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Animation Domination!

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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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My husband and I love the animation movies that have come out in the last decade or so. And the animated film that started it all is "Antz" from DreamWorks pictures by Directors Tim Johnson and Eric Darnell. Even though it came out in 1999, you should revisit this picture... just for the advances in animation alone.

Prior to Antz, animation was a Disney process of animators drawing each section one by one. It was a laborious project and the characters were usually one-dimensional. Well, the leap from this type of animation to what Johnson and Darnell did in 1999 is incredible.

The story is a classic of a small worker ant, Z, who wants to be bigger and better than his abilities. Also, he really really likes the princess who will be the Queen Ant some day. Z changes places with his friend who is a soldier ant and his life becomes wild... and heroic.

What is really nice about getting the DVD is the special features which include audio commentary, production featurette, basics of computer animation, facial system, character design, and production notes.

Sorry that I can't remember how much this cost at the time it was given to me... probably around 15 dollars. But if you want to really see the difference in animation today, then you need to compare it to this classic movie. And it will be worth the hour and twenty-three minutes.