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Anime Disney..A Match Made In Heaven!

Reviewing: Square Soft Kingdom Hearts  |  Rating:
ruledbymercury By ruledbymercury on
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It's the weirdest combination...characters from the Final Fantasy RPG video game series, and classic Disney characters...but somehow it works! This game is incredible. It has everything you love about Final Fantasy: the immersive story, the incredible graphics, and even the somewhat hokey dialogue. PLUS it has the charming addition of endearing Disney characters like Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Belle, Beast, Hercules, Ariel, Merlin, even Jack the Pumpkin King!

The basics of the storyline is that these nightmareish creatures called the Heartless have invaded King Mickey's kingdom (comprised of many different planets/worlds, each based on a different Disney film). The main character, a young boy named Sora, along with Goofy and Donald, have to defend Mickey's kingdom from the Heartless with a special weapon, called the Keyblade. They go from world to world, trying to find the special keyhole in each world, which when used witht the Keyblade, will protect that world from the Heartless.

I LOVED how they integrated beloved characters from two huge names in entertainment that, prior to the release of this title, had absolutely NOTHING to do with each other. The novelty of this strange combo never grew old as the game wore on. The graphics in this game are really incredible, I'd go so far as to say it is a visual masterpiece. The Keyblade itself is one of the coolest video game weapons I have ever seen and it changes its look and theme as you go through each of the worlds. Best of all, this game is just plain all-around FUN! People of all ages can enjoy it, as well as fans of Final Fantasy or Disney or both!