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My husband is a Science Fiction junky and the only thing that comes close to his passion for space and weirdly named civilizations are books by one of his favorite authors Clive Cussler. We have every book this author has ever written and my husband has devoured each of them - some of them he has had two or three helpings of.

This recent book called Corsair is written by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul and is a Novel of the Oregon Files. The Oregan is a ship that appears to be dilapidated but packed with all kinds of sophisticated equipment and is the charge of a one-legged captain named Juan Cabrillo.

In this particular book the U.S. secretary of States' plane crashes while enroute to Libya. Rather than trusting the Libyans, the CIA hires Cabrillo to search for her. When the crew of the Oregon finally locate the downed plane they discover that the Secretary of State is no where to be found. A terrorist has snatched her away because he has other plans for how the conference which she was flying in to attend, should go and he believes that the Secretary of State can be his pawn in ensuring his ideas come to fruitation.

Corsairs are pirates who fought off the coast of Barbary in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the latest capture of the Secretary of State has something to do with these long ago pirates and their battles, but what? That's something that Cabrillo has to find out while up against Islamic extremists and the ticking time bomb that could be the fate of the Secretary of State and the fate of the nations.

This novel is 437 pages in length and by all indications it is a good one as my husband just started this a few nights ago and is already on page 378. When asked if his book was good, his reply was, "Well, of course dear...it's Clive Cussler!"

If you're a fan of this author, obviously you'll want to grab a copy of his latest book - after all - it's Clive Cussler!