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Another Version Of The Count Of Monte Cristo.

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By dawn69 on
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Touch Tone films release a 134 minute movie called The Count of Monte Cristo. This film was released in 2002 and was rated PG 13 because of the violence and some innuendos. However, I did not see anything wrong with this movie that would keep me from letting my child watch it.

James Caviezel plays Edmond Dante's a very naive young man who is in love with Mercedes Iguanada. He is the second mate on a merchant ship and he hopes to marry Mercedes when he gets his own captain-ship.

Guy Pearce plays Fernando Mondego a son of a count who was given everything he could ever want. However, he was best friends with Edmond Dantes a boy who had nothing. Fernando envied Edmond because he was so happy and in love. Fernando could not stand the fact that he wanted everything that Edmond had no matter what it was. That is right Fernando wants Mercedes for his own but she was not interested.

As this movie progresses you will see a friendship die quickly because Fernando will give the police information that will send Edmond the prison. That is right he will be falsely accused and sentenced to life where he will be feed terrible food and kept in a dark damp room. You will see that against all odd Edmond will escape his prison to find his way pack to civilization. He will travel the seas with pirates and he will come up with a plan to destroy the men who put him in that prison.

The adventure is just beginning and you will watch this beat up skinny man turn himself into a very wealthy Count to exact his revenge. The ending will surprise you as it did me.

I do recommend this movie to everyone of all ages. I found it to be fun to watch over and over again. Though this story is not a new one there are differences in this movie that makes it an original all in its own. The actors and actresses bring this film to life in a unique way. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.