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Another Zombie Novel...Or Is It?

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For the people who think this is just another fiction about zombies they are correct..... but to a certain point. This book is incredible! The book is separated into nine chapters. The chapters are introduction, warnings, blame, the great panic, turning the tide, home front USA, around the world and above, total war, good byes. Each of these chapters have different perspectives from people all over the world. The victims and the soldiers speak so descriptively it feels as if the zombie wars did actually happen. The books does seem jumpy at first because it goes to different people in each chapter, but as you're submerged in the story you can see that they all weave into each other. Once I picked up the book I was totally addicted to it. I still remember the one night I stayed up until 7 in the morning, after I saw the time I noticed I have read the book for four hours straight. Once I was in the middle of the stories I was hooked, there was not a moment that didn't capture your fear or grip you at the edge of your seat. The stories talk of the gruesome and the senseless death of many. But it also talks about the heroes and heroines that sacrificed much. Reading this these stories were intoxicating and they are so descriptive as I said before that it makes one believe the people were real. The author also did a great job in describing the zombies on how they walked, moaned, how they looked, or how they are killed. He definitely did his research if there was a doctorate for zombie he would be the professional. All in all the book was riveting and had a very interesting view on the apocalypse and I hope to read more of Max Brooks books in the future.