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Ant Farm And Other Desperate Situations

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Ant Farm is (on the cover) described by Jon Stewart as "Hilarious." I would say that term applies to some parts of it. Over all though, I'd call it "Amusing."

Simon Rich (according to the back cover is a former Harvard Lampoon president) wrote this comical collection of short stories. Actually, I'm not sure if these are considered short stories. I consider them more anecdotes than anything else. Each is no more than 2 pages.

One thing I really appreciated about Rich's writing is that he makes amazing use of titles. His titles are half of each story. Without them, you won't get it. With them, you'll laugh. There were a number of times I laughed out loud.

I particularly enjoyed the section about the army and the section about school years. One story is called, "how i imagine life in the u.s. army (based on the commercials i've seen)." That was hilarious. I also laughed out loud at Rich's take on a child's realization that his math teacher has had a bunch of calculators in her desk "all along, " and that math class is basically a huge, mean joke that's been played on him for years now.

Ant Farm was a decent time killer and at times very funny. It's a quick read that I would recommend for anyone who has a pt commute, a lot of distractions, or who hasn't been reading much lately (and needs that boost of something that will hold your attention and read through quickly). I wouldn't buy this as a gift or go out of my way to read it, but if you happen across it--pick it up. It's good for a few laughs and hey, if you like it less than I did, at least you only wasted an hour or two of your life.