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Antec P150 Classy Computer Case

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By miko on
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Computer cases come in all shapes and sizes. I've used a number of them with handles, lights and crazy things that you would expect on a car. However, the distracting lights, poor build quality and strange details were just too much for me. Antec decided it was time for me to grow up and get a P150.

The P150 is a midtower designed for efficiency and silent operation. It comes with a piano white finish and in the box is bundled with a NeoHE (high efficiency) 430w power supply. The power supply itself is great, very quiet and is about $70 retail, so essentially that saves you a bundle, considering a lot of high end cases come without PSUs. Even with the bundled NeoHE, the case itself is no slouch. The side panels are covered with a noise limiting cover, which I found helped quite a bit when comparing decibels opened and closed. There are two front intake slots for 92mm fans (not included), with a convenient door to install them without ripping out your motherboard. The rear 120mm fan is an Antec Tricool fan with three speed settings, which is relatively quiet at the lower two settings.

Inside, there are slots for hard drives using a snap in system. You screw on two 'wings' to your hard drive and slide it in place, where it clicks in and out and allows for quick and easy removal of hard drives. More of these wings can be found at the bottom of the case, where they're secured to the floor. There is also a suspension system, using rubber wires to suspend the hard drives to reduce noise. This is kind of gimmicky as there is very little change in noise, and is precarious for hanging hard drives especially if you move the case around a lot. Plus, the hard drive wings have rubber grommets, which are more than enough to keep the vibration down. The motherboard has enough room to be seated nicely, but there is no removable tray, if you like to tinker with your computer.

The front panel is a very clean and attractive design. The CD/DVD drives are stealthed, so they have a white spring loaded cover and buttons to keep the outside panel consistent. The two stealth bays are solid, but will require precise positioning of the actual ROM drives to be effective. The 3.5" drive bay has a white cover that can be removed to use a floppy drive or any other 3.5" device. The power button is white and has a warm blue glow when the computer is on, which is a nice touch. The HDD activity LED light is also blue, however it is very piercing and lights up my room at night, so I just remove the pins and listen for my Raptor to see if its working instead. There are mic, audio out, 2 USB and one firewire port, which can all be used if appropriately connected to the motherboard. The rest of the front panel is painted matte silver, which keeps it from looking like Steve Jobs' piece of work.

Overall, the P150 is a solid piece of computer machinery that will get the job done and not make a big scene about it. It is quiet, very user friendly and looks great. It will not compete with the space of a full size case, and it is a solid unit, which comes with a relatively heavy weight, but it can't be perfect I suppose. The P150 is not cheap for a case, however, with the added NeoHE PSU it makes the decision much easier.