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Antec P182.

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By Brandon Chin on
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Ah, the Antec P182 PC case. The predecessor to this model was the P180. This case was specifically made to include a lot of case fans and make it as quiet as possible, which I can tell because you won't be able to pick this up without pulling something(ok, maybe an exaggeration) because this thing is pretty darn heavy! It comes with three fans included with the case already if I remember correctly, but it's been awhile. Either way, I replaced the fans and bought 5 Yate Loon fans anyone should really go for. The case also incorporates the capability to make it water cooled if you are into that sort of thing. The two best things I like about it in terms of useability is the removable hard drive cages and plenty of holes to route cables and make the insides a little more easier on the eyes and become less likely to get caught by a fan.

However, the one thing I didn't like was that it didn't have a removable motherboard tray and the somewhat crammed work room in the case. It took me awhile to build my computer because of this but it wasn't that big of a deal, it just made it a minor inconvience.

I spent many hours and many zip ties to make all my cables neat and routed behind the motherboard. This is a pretty good case at damping the noise being that in my case right now, I pretty much have two intake fans, two exhaust fans, another fan by the power supply, the power supply fan, the video card fan, and I attached two case fans to my processor with a rubber band to make a 'push pull' configuration. That makes it 9 fans! I have 4 of the 9 on a fan speed control unit I installed and most of the time I set them at 7db I believe. There's no definitive way to describe quiet because what may be super quiet to one person might be loud to another. But if you are playing music, or gaming then you won't hear this thing at all, unless you were trying to. When I first was trying to find the case for me I thought the crazy glowing lit computer case with the side window would've been for me but alas, I went the latter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the futuristic, gun metal, minimalistic refridgerator look is something that just grew on me. This case may not be your cup of tea, but it was mine. If the aesthetics is something you don't mind or like then I fully recommend this.