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Antenna's Are Essential

Reviewing: Uhf/Vhf/Fm Indoor Antenna With 12 Position Fine Tuning 15 1868  |  Rating:
Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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Unless you have cable or satellite TV, if you get a new TV, then you'll need an antenna. So we went to Radio Shack to look at their antennas. We picked the Antenna with 12 position fine tuning because it was the only one in the shop that had gold connectors and the right threads for our T.V.

Both my husband and I were trained as electronics technicians for the U.S. Navy. So after my training, I used to make my antennas out of speaker wire. It wasn't great, but the one station on base came in loud and clear. Since we were going to deal with digital signals, we felt we needed a better antenna. And, because we lived in town, we didn't need an on-the-roof antenna.

About the roof antennas, I can tell tons of stories about antennas getting hit by lightening. We lived in the backwoods so it could get hairy in the early spring and late autumn.

Anyway, this antenna is an easy install. The easy installation page works. I have read easy installation pages that looked like they were written in Korean and then translated into Japanese, and finally translated into English. The sentences were a mess. I defie anyone to be able to read those instructions.

Also, when we had the TV scan the stations, the signal from each station was really clear. I was happy with the results.

If you want to know more of the technical aspects of this antenna and wiring, here is the website: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062081&cp=2032057.2032187.2032189.2032204&parentPage=family

But, I would buy this product again.