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Antique Box For Memories And Keepsakes

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This is deffinitly an old box. We have dated it back to the late 1800's or to the turn of the century. My husband's mother handed it down to my husband right before she died. We know is has been in the family for several generations. It is a family heirloom passed down to my husband's mother from her mother.

There is not much known of it's orgin except what is stated above. These bits and pieces were told to us by my husband's mother. She may not have been told much about it and could only reveal what she did know.


* It is an average size box with enough capacity to hold a great deal of keepsakes and mementos which is what my husband uses it for.

* It is crafted of maple wood with metal hinges, decorations, side handles, and a lasp which will hold a small padlock.

* It certainly is a durable box. This is proven by the many years it has lasted and maintained it's original look.

* It sets on four small legs carved into the bottom of the box.

* It is in great shape with no splintering of the wood or damage to the wood. The metal parts of the box have little tarnish and have maintained their detailed design.

The only drawback is that it appears to be a one of a kind heirloom. I have seen others which are similar, but I have seen none which are exact. However, an investigation of eBay allowed me to discover the many choices of antique boxes available there.

Anyone who is interested in finding an antique box may be sure to find something they like by browsing the many selections available at eBay. Just type "antique boxes" in the search bar after reaching the eBay site. This will give you many pages of choices to browse. I found that there were 6957 items found relating to antique boxes. I searched all categories to allow for a larger variety of choices.

Antique boxes are interesting and provide a story within their craftsmanship. They are an artistic investment into the past which lives on into the future. Many of these crafts are lost to us now in this modern age of technology. It is nice to see these more primitively made items withstand the test of time. They are here for us to enjoy and to pass on to yet another generation.