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Anyone Heard Of Zeno?

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By kazmat on
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I first saw this product at Costco and wondered, "Does that really work and is it worth the money?" Of course I didn't buy it at that time because I had to do some research. Unfortunately, there isn't that much information out there on this device that doesn't come from the maufacturers website. But, since the information seemed straight-forward and the idea of what this could do was appealing, I bought the Zeno.

On the website, the claim is that this device concentrates heat to the site of a pimple. This will ultimately cause the bacteria, which causes most pimples (P. acnes), to self-destruct and the pimple to heal faster. So what this really means is that you buy this device that originally comes with a treatment tip (cartridge) containing 60 uses. It is recommended that you treat a pimple 3 times over the course of 8-24 hours. Each treatment involves holding the heated treatment tip to the pimple for 2 & 1/2 minutes. The heat sensation I experienced ranged from mild-discomfort to a prickling to a burning sensation. Then, you have to buy replacement cartridges costing another $25 for 60 uses. Sound expensive? It is. The thing that caused me to buy into it was that the website gave the impression that this is an exclusive device that doctors are using. If doctors are using it, it works. Right? Well...

What's the verdict? While it did help to shorten the duration of some pimples, it did nothing for others. As the product insert states, this is only recommended for mild-moderate acne with several red, inflamed pimples. Remember, it works by killing a certain type of bacteria. If your blemishes aren't the red-inflamed kind caused by these bacteria, it doesn't work. The other drawback, which might be obvious by now, is that it only works to treat pimples that are already forming, not to prevent. Overall...I'd say this probably works for a small portion of people, but it isn't a good investment for most.