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Anything Over $20 Is A Writing Instrument

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By malcolmreynolds on
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If there is such a thing, I am a pen snob. I've written with everything from bic round stics to the finest fountain pen, and let me tell you, anyone who doesn't see a difference between them is an ignorant fool. Basically, i've gotten so used to this pen, that when signing checks at restaurants, filling out deposit slips at the bank, and jotting notes down on post-it notes, I only use this pen. I must admit, I was a fool for buying such an expensive tool simply to write stuff down with.

The story goes like this: as a college student, I would frequently pocket my pen after class, get home, take off my pants, and toss them in the laundry. A few weeks from then, I would do my laundry, and the pen would explode and ruin a pair of jeans or shorts, leaving me poor, penless, and pantsless. In an effort to stop this cycle, instead of checking my pockets before doing my laundry, I bought a ridiculously and absurdly expensive pen. Come to find out, it was actually worth it. Other than the smooth writing and the ergonomic design, Cross has a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. This means that any time something bad happens to your ridiculously expensive pen, you can send them a check for $10 and get a brand new one, or that one replaced. So basically, after you've bought one, you're just paying $10 for a brand new $25 pen every few years. Trust me, it's worth it. You'll never buy another pen in your life.