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Apocalipstick By Sue Margolis

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Apocalipstick is a romantic comedy that centers around English beauty columnist Rebecca Fine--a woman who is trying to make a name for herself as a serious journalist, but instead, only gets to report on frivolous subjects related to makeup. Rebecca also has to deal with a grandmother who is constantly trying to marry her off, and a father who has just gotten engaged to Rebecca's arch enemy from high school.

Despite her ongoing family troubles, Rebecca meets a new guy, but as she grows closer to him, she wonders about his loyalty after finding him in several compromising situations with a rival journalist. Determined to prove herself as a serious journalist to her bosses at the newspaper and her straying boyfriend, Rebecca embarks on an mission to uncover a huge scandal involving a major beauty company in Paris.

Apocalipstick is everything that a light romantic comedy should be. It's funny, sweet, and ultimately-- predictable. Rebecca's exploits will entertain and delight readers. I bought this book right after I began my first semester of law school as a way to divert myself when the study of law became to tedious for me to bear another second. It didn't disappoint--Apocalipstick was an excellent diversion.