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Apple 80 Gb Ipod In White

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This is my first ipod and I love it. I wanted one that would play videos and this does. In order for it to play videos though, you do have to purchase them from the itunes website, which is linked up with your apple ipod.

This is very easy to use and it stores a bagillion songs, pictures and videos. You can even buy music videos. I like it a lot. I have my address contacts on here, pictures of my family and some of my favorite movies.

You don't have to buy music from the itunes website though. Once you're on the website you can just pop in a cd to your computer and it will ask you if you want to download the cd onto your ipod and you can choose all of the songs or just one or whatever you want! It's great and super user friendly and promps you a long. The itunes website is where they let you know that everything is ok and how you add pictures and games and everything else you can put into your ipod. I mean I have had mine since December, so not even a year and I use it every single day and I love it. I wouldn't mind getting the new iphone, but I want all the huge amount of memory that I have now in the phone also.

Umm, did I already tell you that this does get heavy? I have a ton of different cases and have bought the protective sticky sheets so I don't scratch it. And now you can even get your name engraved which is neat. I just love my ipod. If you are a fan of music or travel a lot and like to watch movies on planes it's easier than taking cd's and movies with a player. Also what is neat, is because I do have so much memory when we go on road trips and there isn't radio we can listen to the ipod for hours and hours! You just have to have the car adapter.

The ipod came with a USB cable that plugs into your eyepod and into the computer to transfer data and to 'sync' it when you add and subtract stuff. Also the headphones that I have a 0 to. They don't stay in my ears and they hurt. I bought new ones right away. Of course you can buy ipod accessories now which is neat.

One warning though, theft is high. I've never had mine stolen, but I try to conceal it when I'm riding the bus or it's at night and I'm alone. Also if you don't have high speed internet I suggest you buy the wall plug in to charge your ipod and also buying songs will be hard because it will literally take forever for them to download!