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Apple I Pad 2

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The Apple iPad 2 is actually a tablet. However, SharedReviews does not have a section for tablets so the next most appropriate section would be under electronics. I tried this product out in stores and found out a couple of things about this Apple iPad 2. To start off with, the Apple iPad 2 is roughly 0.4 inches thick, which is actually very thin. The Apple iPad 2 comes in three different storage capacities and they are 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. There are two different models of the Apple iPad 2. The first one is the Wi-Fi only and the second one is Wi-Fi + 3G. The second model is obviously more expensive as it has an extra component. To me, I think that Wi-Fi is good enough. 3G really isn't necessary. For some countries, data plans can be very expensive. Even if the data plan isn't that expensive, the speed the 3G offers isn't the greatest. You will spend a lot of time just waiting for a web page to load. The Apple iPad 2 comes with a front and back facing camera, both capable of taking high quality pictures. It has a 1 GHz dual core processor to eliminate lag time and freeze ups.

To start with, I used this product for a little while. The price is at roughly $500 to $850. Depending on the model you have and the storage capacity, the price will also be as so. After using the Apple iPad 2 for a while, I can see that the AppStore has a great deal of applications. There are many games and accessibility applications available for purchase. The price is usually at 99 cents. However, some applications cost more, while others are free. Multitasking is a great feature on the Apple iPad 2. I can open up five applications at once and run them smoothly with no problems at all. The 1 GHz processor speed certainly is beneficial when it comes to multitasking. I own a couple of Android operated devices and I have noticed something about similar applications in the different application marketplaces. Angry Birds series on Android is free for download. However, on the Apple iPad 2 and the AppStore, it costs 99 cents. This isn't much of course, but once you start buying these cheap applications, they add up. It has a capacitive screen so this tablet is designed for multitasking and pinch zooming.

Media and content playback file format support is not the greatest. For audio, only MP3, WAV, and AAC are supported. There is no support of WMA files. If you have songs in WMA format, it will be necessary to convert them into MP3 or AAC first before syncing them into the Apple iPad 2. Video format support is also lacking some formats. The Apple iPad 2 currently only supports MP4, and M4V. There is not support for AVI format files. Once again, it is required to convert the file first before syncing it with the Apple iPad 2. However, the Apple iPad 2 does offer Microsoft Office file formats including RTF (Rich Text File), XLS, DOC, and more. This is a good feature to have.

Video playback is decent. On some files, I do get pixellated scenes which is very annoying. However, I cannot avoid it so it is better just to avoid it. The overall quality is actually pretty good. There isn't much to complain about here except for no AVI support. Other than that, I am very satisfied with the video playback on the Apple iPad 2.

When it comes to web browsing, the Apple iPad 2 does not offer the fastest web browsing experience. The Android browser has been proven to be faster than the Apple iPad 2 iOS Safari browser. However, the Apple iPad 2 is pretty fast. It certainly isn't incredibly slow. Comparing the Apple iPad 2 side by side to my Android operating device, the Apple iPad 2 takes three to five seconds longer to load a page. This isn't a long time so I think this is just a minor issue. I also find that half the time I surf the web, I cannot watch videos. There is not flash support so watching videos is not any option. I get a message that says something like "plug in missing"/ "plug in required". YouTube works just fine on the Apple iPad 2. If you are only using YouTube, then you may want to consider it. The Apple iPad 2 is a pretty expensive tablet. However, it has a lot to offer. To me, I think the price outweighs the features is has to offer so I do not recommend it.