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Apple I Phone I Addicted

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Monica Cruz By Monica Cruz on
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I'll admit to being somewhat thrifty...especially when it comes to electronics. That's why when this phone came out, I went to the AT&T store about 5 different times just to play with the darn thing. Having always been content with the free phones that were given to me for contract renewals, I didn't understand why I should pay this much for a phone. Finally I decided to buy it.

I was so blown away by all that the iPhone could do for me. As a girly girl, I like being able to customize my caller ringtone, the pictures that pop up when people call, etc. But this phone is so much more than a phone! I had all my music/videos loaded onto here, and it was easily categorized for me by artist, genre, album title, song title, or whatever else my little heart desired. I also synced a lot of my pictures onto the phone- people often ask about our wedding plans so I like being able to show them the pictures I have on my iPhone about the dress, cake, venue, and our honeymoon plans. Speaking of pictures, the iPhone does take fabulous pictures! My co-worker had a baby, and I went to go visit her- my iPhone was the sole camera that got pictures of the new baby. At her house yesterday, I noticed that the pics I took with my iPhone were now framed 8x10's on her mantle.

The iPhone also has YouTube and the iTunes store (I don't use it that much because I don't have a wi-fi network around me, and edge would be too slow although still twice as fast as dial-up). Other features I use often are weather, notes, calendar, and google maps. I travel a lot for my job, and if I get lost I like being able to use google maps to help me find directions! I have used the maps so many times...it's great!

My favorite features have to be the e-mail application and the Safari web browser. Very easy to set-up your e-mail account(s). Safari can view most websites, with the exception being the flash based websites. I don't see this as an issue since many websites also have HTML versions. Yes you can view more than one page in Safari, and you can have more than one e-mail account synced to your iPhone. It's wonderful to have access to so much information on the go. Bookmarks/faves are also easy to add. Google is the built-in, default search engine.

So I have given a glowing review thus far...what are the cons Monica?? The first is that there is no MMS messaging. It is all text messaging- no pictures. The easiest way to get around this is to send whatever picture you want as an e-mail to the users cellphone. WHAT? Yup, it's easy. For instance, on T-Mobile I wanted to send a picture to my pal- so I e-mailed it to [email protected] (of course I used a real #). It is rumored that Apple will be adding the MMS feature in a future update since it is a major complaint of most iPhone users. We'll see!

Another con is the on-screen keyboard. It's an adjustment I won't lie. There's a learning curve, but the best way to use the keyboard is to flip your phone sideways and type in the wicescreen mode. This makes the keys bigger, making it easier to type as well as faster. Note that there isn't a widescreen mode for the e-mail application nor the text mesaging. I've had my phone since September, so this isn't much of an issue anymore, but initially it was.

Finally, this to me is not a con nor a deal-breaker, but it doesn't take video. I always have my digital camera with me (which does take video).

I find that my iPhone has greatly improved my perception of Apple and expensive phones. I've used all of the features so much in about 2.5 months that in my opinion the phone has already paid for itself. Like I mentioned, I don't have any Wi-Fi networks around me, but I find that the Edge network from AT&T is more than fast enough for what I do on a daily basis.