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Apple I Pod 30 Gb

Reviewing: Fifth Generation Apple I Pod (30 Gb) 5 G  |  Rating:
By neonix on
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Many people know the iPod for being the most popular and stylish portable mp3 player on the market. It's no wonder why Apple releases a line of new models every year!

The audio quality is a little lacking compared to some other players such as the Creative Zen. However, for the average listener, it's great.

The iPod is known for it's large storage space, coming in 30gb, 60gb, 80gb, and more recently a whopping 160gb! I've had the 30GB model for two years now, and it's served me well. For the average person, it's more than enough space for your music and videos.

The video playback is a bit slow to load, and it doesn't support very many formats.

One of the biggest faults is the lack of codec support on the iPod, for an average user, it's fine, but if you're a computer gee4k like myself, you'd want more than just mp3, m4a, and mp4. However, you can install third party firmwares onto the iPod for free! Firmware like Rockbox supports many audio formats and add tons of features.

The iPod 30GB is very slim, and sleek. It looks great, and fits in any pocket.

The earbuds are stylish, but they break easily and aren't the best quality. They aren't exactly "bass boosters" either ;) I suggest finding a nice pair of earbuds for your music anyway since they'll work with any player.

The iPod has some nice extra features including contacts, clocks, some free games, calendar, etc. You cna also buy some fun games from the iTunes store for about $5 a pop. Some cool games like Sonic, Pacman, Phase (a guitar hero clone), and more.

Now for the main weakpoints:

iTuens "required". iTunes is a very nice program, and for the average computer user, it's no problem, but for nerds like me, we don't want to be required to sync up a program on our computer with our portables. There are third party applications that can work with the iPod however, such as Winamp, a great player for Windows. iTuens is very slow and resource hogging in Windows, so you may want to consider that. If you have a Mac, then it should be no problem.

The battery meter on the iPod tends to be extremely inaccurate. Play one video, and it'll go down to the red, wait a few seconds, and it's back nearly full. The iPod is very bad at detecting battery power, so just don't even pay attention to the buggy meter.

The iPod is also known for it's steep price point. Then again, with the rising price of all electronics these days, it's relatively inexpensive (that's scary).

Overal, the iPod is a very nice player with some cool extra features. It's easy to use and it's the only thing that can play your DRM itunes purchases ;) I do recommend it.