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Apple I Pod Nano 4 Gb Capacity

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By kman63 on
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Apple's iPod Nano with a 4GB storage capacity was a purchase I decided to make after upgrading from a cheaper "off-brand" mp3 player. Recently, I had been more "on-the-go" and needed a more convenient and cost-effective way to take my music with me. I think that Apple has created a very straightforward and easy to use interface for the iPod. All I need to do is use the USB cord to plug the device into my computer, and it synchronizes any recent additions to my iTunes library. While listening, the menus on the LCD screen are very easy to navigate. For me, the 4GB size capacity was perfect because I have a moderate amount of music in my collection. As an extra feature, you can play games on it, but that does not particularly intrest me, as I only want it to listen to music.

The quality of the music is great, as long as the files you are loading on are formatted correctly. Any songs purchased from the iTunes library will already come in the proper format. The iPod plays almost all of the song formats out there, such as m4a or aac, while other players available will only work with mp3's. The set of tiny earbuds that come with the iPod are convenient because they are small, but I don't think the sound that comes out of them is the best possible.

The iPod Nano is very small and thin, making it very easy to fit in a pocket, or store in a backpack or gym bag. One of my favorite things that comes with the iPod is a rechargable battery. Other mp3 players take a triple-A battery which has to be replaced quite frequently. All I have to do is simply connect the iPod to the computer, and in about three hours, the battery will be fully charged, ready for (approximately) another 20 hours of listening. Even months later, the battery is still charging fully as lasting long.

The iPod Nano is one of my favorite electronic items that I have bought recently. It has eliminated a lot of the hassles that I put up with when using a cheaper mp3 player. Definately worth paying $150 or more.