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Apple: I Pod Touch 3rd Generation (32 Gb)

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I originally bought this as a present for my wife in October, 2009. However, after my wife got her Motorola Droid Smartphone through Verizon Wireless (November, 2009), she had little need for the iPod Touch. This is how the iPod Touch ended up coming into my ownership in Fall 2009. I want to start by saying that I absolutely love this device and take it everywhere with me. I find myself hunting down any place with a free WiFi signal when I'm outside my house to stay up to date with my various online gaming applications on the iPod Touch. This is a product that anyone, of just about any age can easily fall in love with and find to be user-friendly as well.


The iPod Touch (3rd Generation) is incredibly slim (2.4 x 0.3 x 4.3 inches). It boasts a 3.5 inch display (diagonal) that has multi-touch capabilities. There is a single main physical-button on the front of the device that functions as a home/cancel/search feature while navigating within the user interface. At the top of the iPod Touch is a single physical button that serves a "power-off/stand-by/lock" function. The right-side of the device is where the physical dual-button bar for volume control is located. The bottom of the device has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The front side of the device is made of a high-quality glass and the back of the device is made of a shiny metal that can double as a mirror for inspecting your teeth after a lunch-meeting at work.


My iPod Touch has 32 GB of flash memory but you can also buy a 64 GB version of the 3rd generation iPod. The 32 GB of flash memory allows for up to 7, 000 songs, 40, 000 pictures, or 40 hours of video. Some of the features that make the 3rd generation iPod Touch better than the 2nd generation is a faster and more powerful CPU, OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics support, Apple inline remote support (though there are rumors this can be made to work with 2nd generation), Voice-Over voice control (there is rumor that this can be made to work on 2nd generation as well), and the increase in flash memory capacity up to 64 GB (2nd generation capped at 32 GB).

The iPod touch has a screen resolution of 480 x 320 (but can support 480P and 576P resolutions with TV-out). The device comes built-in with WiFi (802.11 b/g), Bluetooth (2.1 + EDR) and a "maps" location-based service. The iPod Touch comes with Apple earphones that have a built-in microphone and volume-control remote; this works great with the voice-control features when listening to music or using the Skype mobile application. The device also comes with a dock adapter and USB 2.0 cable (for charging and linking the device to iTunes software). There is also a quick-start guide that will come in the box that you will definitely want to read as there are a multitude of functions the iPod Touch is capable of that can't all be learned from simple browsing.

The iPod Touch supports a variety of languages (for navigation and keyboard; additional language support for the keyboard can be purchased from the App Store). The device also supports a variety of audio and video formats. There is also built-in dictionary support for when writing text (e-mails, notes, etc); I find this to be very helpful as it self corrects most mistakes I make in spelling as I type.

The battery life tends to run out pretty fast on this device but you can optimize battery life by reducing the brightness of the screen from the settings menu. Also, the device can be charged to 80% with 2 hours of charging and charged to full within 4 hours of charging.

Navigation and Built-In Applications/Utilities:

The best thing about the iPod Touch is its user interface which is incredibly user-friendly and laid out in a simple and aesthetic way. The 3rd generation iPod Touch can hold up to 11 pages worth of applications. Each page has room for 16 applications (4x4; total of 176 applications over 11 pages) and at the bottom of the screen is the fixed-menu bar that you can place your favorite 4 applications/utilities. The iPod Touch 3rd Generation comes built-in with e-mail, videos, iTunes, Photos, Weather, Maps, Voice Memos, YouTube, Notes, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Alarm, Contacts and Settings applications/utilities. There is also a built-in Safari browser, Music-player application, and App Store. Additional applications can be acquired from the Apple App Store which offers over 200, 000 applications; paid and free.

If you want an iPod Touch but are concerned about having to pay a lot of money for more applications, don't worry. I am very stingy when it comes to purchasing apps and have very rarely actually purchased an application. With that being said, I have over 150 applications (99% free) on my iPod Touch which are a mixture of games, finance utilities, shopping, educational, social-networking, and other applications. All of my favorite banking, deal-finding and gaming applications were acquired free from the Apple App Store.

The only real down-side is that it's not an iPhone so you will need to be near a WiFi network to get a connection to the online games and internet. I mostly use my iPod Touch at home and when I'm at Starbucks or Barnes & Nobles so it works great with my daily routine as I have access to free WiFi in these locations.

In conclusion, I highly suggest you buy this product whether you're a techy, a gamer, a social-network addict, a music lover, or just someone who likes to pay their bills or buy movie tickets while having some coffee at their local Starbucks; all of which can be accomplished with just a few taps of the finger.

Update On Jul 09, 2010: Operating System:

Apple's iOS 4.0 was released recently for iPhone and iPod Touch. This now allows for a variety of new features:

1) Multi-tasking between applications (Example: Now Pandora can continue running after you minimize the application; you can essentially browse the web while listening to Pandora)

2) The use of folders (in each folder you can place 12 applications and label it whatever you want; sports, games, utility, etc). With the addition of folders, the total possible applications you can have over 11 pages has been increased from 176 to 2112 as each folder carries 12 applications and each page can carry 16 applications and/or folders.

3) Centralize Mail system (Is better and worse in some ways but I'm sure they will work out the kinks in the design through future updates).

4) Access to iBooks application.

5) Ability to create playlists from your iPhone and iPod Touch (rather than only being able to do it from iTunes).

6) Wireless keyboard support

7) Gift-Apps (You can send apps to other users as gifts; paid/free)

8) Your home screen can now have a wallpaper (I felt this is a feature Apple should have provided since say one).

These are just some of the new features of the iOS 4.0 update... there are dozens more. This update has definitely made an already awesome product even more amazing. If my original review didn't convince you to buy it, I hope this does.