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Apple Laptop Power Adapter

Reviewing: Apple 65 W For I Book And Powerbook  |  Rating:
Abby Johns By Abby Johns on
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When I first purchased my iBook I was thrilled to see that the power adapter had a light on it that let you know when it was connected and when it was actually charging my laptop with a green and orange light respectively. I was a little disappointed with how short the cord was, but it was long enough for me to use the laptop in bed while it was plugged into the wall, I just had to sit close to an outlet in class if my computer was low on power. I thought that the design of the part of the adapter that plugs into the wall was cool with fold out pins and a built in way to wind up the cord, but I would soon discover that these two options would become bothersome in the long run. Many times when I would try to plug the adapter into the wall the pins would fold into the body of the adapter, so I would have to position in just right to keep this from happening. I think that winding the cord up may have caused the delecate wires inside to break faster that they would have if it hadn't been wound up all the time. My adapter lasted 2 years before the wires connecting the part of the adapter that connects to my computer and the cord broke off cleanly. There are other places where you can purchase an adapter for cheaper that might last longer, but for an adapter that comes with the laptop, it is pretty good to go for at least a year or two.