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After purchasing the Apple IPad 2, I did what any owner of a recently purchased Apple device would do; buy a cover. Or at least I would hope you would use a cover. My options were pretty lame since none of the third-party covers had been released yet. But I settled on the boring, grey-colored, Apple Smart Cover. I could have picked leather, but my wallet was just as thin as the government's, and I decided $70 is too much for just the extra addiction of leather. Everything else about the cases are exactly the same.

But it wasn't until I placed the Smart Cover onto my iPad that I realized the true potential of this magnificent device. I am somewhat exaggerating, but no joke, this Apple Smart Cover is smart. A magnetic strip along the side of the cover latches on safely to the side of your iPad. It then can be rolled over the front to protect it. Microfibers line the inside of theSmart Cover, so that when the cover is on, the screen is gently buffed and fingerprints are removed. When you take the Apple Smart Cover off, the Ipad will turn itself on automatically. When the Apple Smart Cover is on the Ipad turns off.

But by far, the best feature of the Apple Smart Cover is that it can fold into a stand and be used different ways. Folding the cover into a triangle with allow the iPad to be slightly raised, so that you may type on it more easily. If you are reading a document, or perhaps watching a movie, the cover can instantly be swapped to a stand, so that your iPadcan stand alone making it easier to view your work hands-free.These two features alone made the Apple Smart Cover worth reaching into my ever slimming wallet for the 30 bucks. But it's true! The cover is perfect for propping your iPad on your legs while riding in the car, or standing it upward like a cookbook to read your recipes while cooking.

(The following descriptions apply only to the polyurethane cover, as I do not own the Leather)The only issue I have had with my Apple Smart Cover is keeping it clean. If dust or lint has contact with the microfiber on the other side, they stick, and I find myself constantly picking at little debris stuck to the back. It is usually very easy to slide the cover across the front of your iPad and have it latch on perfectly. But sometimes the magnet scraps the side of the iPad in the process of latching on. I have never seen any scraps as a result of this, however. But I'm not entirely pleased with the iPad Smart Cover. The only time it actually covers your iPad is when you aren't using it, The cover does not protect the back of the iPad, but other 3rd parties will carry cover's with backs. There are other covers that protect both the screen (While you are using it) and the back, and they also prop your iPad up so that you can watch a movie or type on the virtual keyboard. The polyurethane covers are $40 while the leather covers are $70. I know, expensive. While the rest of the world may be in a recession, we know Apple certainly won't be, especially with genius products such as the Smart Cover on shelves at Walmart, Target, and most electronic stores.