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Apples To Apples Board Game

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Man, I don't even know where to start with this game!!! It's such a great game, you have no idea!

You have hundreds of red cards, each have soemthing written on them; may be an ordinary object, such as a toaster, or an action, such as jump, or a person, such as Michael Jackson, or something that can be used many ways, like push-ups, (an exercise, a type or bra, a type of ice cream). Just, FYI, all those are in the game.

The dealer (changes each round) puts down a green card with an adjective of the hundreds of them, such as jumpy, or horny, or stupid.

Each person puts down one red card from the 6 they have and pick up another one, so they have the right amount. The cards are placed face down, and the dealer gathers them, reads them, and judges which one is the best fit. It may be an exact fit (the adjective is funny, and the name of a commedian is placed down) or from irony (the adjective is intelligent, and the red card may be a Darwin Award). They announce which card they chose, and the person who put it down takes the gree card. The object of the game is to get as many green cards as you can, aka, winning the most rounds.

There isn't much else I can say about this game, except that it is such a blast to play! After a few rounds, you'll be gasping for air and clutching your ribs, and after an hour or so, you'll weight half as much as you did.

This is great for parties, and can be used as an ice breaker. No matter what, this game will lighten the mood of anything, anytime, anyone, and anywhere!!!