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Apples To Apples Is Fun To Fun!

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By korg on
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I was first introduced to this game at my in-laws. They had played it at a friends house and bought it to play with us. The game is simple: each person draws five noun cards. In order, one person at a time will draw a verb card and read it, along with its' definition, to the other players. You choose the best, or funniest, noun card you have in your hand and pass it face down to the person holding the verb card. Once the noun cards are collected, the person in charge will read each as a definition or add-on to the verb card. The players then give reasons why a card should or should not be chosen as the best match. You can go for the funniest definition, or the most realistic, it is up to the person holding the verb card. If your card is chosen as the best answer, you are given the verb card to hold on to. Each person then draws another noun card and the next person in line will read a new verb card. Play continues until one person has collected five verb cards, who is then pronounced as the winner.

We played several games in a row, and there are enough cards to last without drawing the same ones over and over. There is also an add-on box of cards you can purchase, but it is nearly as expensive as the game. Overall, the game was a lot of fun to play. So much fun, in fact, that my wife and I bought the game a few days later for our own house!