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April Wine: 'Classic Masters'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This collection of April Wines greatest hits was purchased for $9.99 at Hastings. It is a nice collection from the Masters Collections.

‘Roller' is a 1979 trick, that was fast paced and had the style of Foghat and Aerosmith. It reached the #34 position, on the Billboard Chart and was worthy of lifting the attention level of this band. I like it a lot!

‘Get Ready For Love', is another 1979 song that this band whipped out. It had its day, but never reached the top 100. It was a cool song, and I still dig it. It is sort of like Lynyrd Skynyrd, with its guitar and cow-bell.

‘Say Hello' was the 1980 hit, reaching #104 on the charts. I think this is one of the finer songs from this Rock/ Pop band. My wife really digs the work performance of this thrilling band, and I listen to this one a lot!

My favorite April Wine song is up next. This is the song that I love to play a second time immediately after it ends, so I guess I will have to step outside and listen to this one while I swing on the porch swing and have a smoke break. After I listen to this a second time, I will give you an all time rank.

I would have to say that this song rocks really well. ‘I Like To Rock' gives me chills, and I would say this one ranks in my top 20 all time. This song reached #86 on the charts. I love it extremely.

‘Tonight', released in 1980 never reached the top of the charts, but in my book it should have. This band has such a ripping tempo, I can not believe that they weren't a more popular band than they were.

The most successful song that this band wrote was the 1981 release, ‘Just Between you And Me.'It reached #21 on the billboard pop/rock charts and stayed a while. It was a very intense love song, if not the best slow dance music that I have ever heard. Goose bumps rise when it comes on the radio every time I hear it. I have a girl that I have been in love with for 26 years now, and as time flies, it is one of those things between us. I think this is the bands best ever. I will listen to this one again as well. 100% a top song.

Next up is the 1981 hit, ‘Sign of the Gypsy Queen', one that my wife really likes. She is the Gypsy Queen and I know this is a tribute to her. I love listening to this stuff.

The #8 song was an exceptional piece by this band. Reaching #50 on the Billboard Charts, ‘Enough is Enough, ' rallied the spirits of those waiting for a new release. 1982 was the year this one filled us up with love. I really miss those older days of our relationship, when we were just falling in love. I dig these memories.

‘Tell Me Why, ' is probably this bands second best love song. It did not reach the charts, amazingly. I think its failure was in its emotional message. About a deteriorating relationship, this one is a cry for those answers that pang us in a broken love affair. Sad, and heartbreaking, this one can make a grown man cry, so here lies its failure. It was too good for the harder types from the year of its release in 1982.

‘This Could Be The Right One', was a 1984 release, that got way to much attention. It is not even half of what the last song was, yet it reached #58 on the Billboard charts. I think this one sucks. It is only a top song because of the chart rating, which had its flaws.

‘21st Century Man' is another 1979-1980 song that was under rated. Unable to reach the charts at all, this one was later realized to be a hit, over the long run. I enjoyed this one.

The last song on this greatest hits CD, is a song with, a Foreigner style. Slow, and full of heartwarming lyrics, I get a sense that this was influenced by Hall & Oats. It was the wrong song for the final here.

This one is not the greatest ‘Greatest Hits' release, but for the price you can not go wrong. It is a good one to have.