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Apthasol Perscription Canker Sore Treatment

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By phoebe on
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Apthesol is the first perscription canker sore medicine that I have been made aware of (www.apthesol.com). It claims to stop pain and help the canker sore to heal much faster than left untreated, or even treated with over the counter gels and creams, which really only numb the sore but do not promote healing.

It is a product you can only get by perscription.

My dentist had never heard of the product, but he ordered me a perscription for me to try, as my canker sores normally last about two weeks and get so bad I cannot eat or talk without pain for a few days. I was willing to try anything to help heal them faster.

I had tried over the counter solutions such as Orajel, but those only numb the sore, they do not promote faster healing. And the products stung when you applied them as well!

The Apthesol comes in a very small tube, but you only need to use a tiny dab on your sores. It is a thick, somewhat gritty paste that sticks to the canker sore, forming a "cover" over it. The Apthesol is non-stinging when you apply it. You do have to dry the sore by blotting it with a tissue or cloth prior to applying the Apthesol, and this may cause some pain, but the medicine itself is painless to apply.

It numbs the sore first off, providing relief within a few minutes. I did notice that my canker sores did not get nearly as large or painful as they normally do, and they were gone within a few days, instead of my normal two weeks of pain.

This is a very helpful product if you get frequent, or even infrequent, canker sores. For me, it took away the pain and did help heal the sores very quickly. It is definatly a product I will want to keep on had, and keep a perscription for as well.