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Aquafresh Cavity Protection With Calcium Mini

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By dns1 on
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This toothpaste comes in a mini package. It is great for times when you are on the road so you are not carrying a big gigantic tube of toothpaste when you go to a restaurant or your friend's house. Or just to have around the house smaller tubes stay fresher because open packages lose their freshness with time. It has a candycane swirl that looks cool. It has a red and green stripes. Big chunks of red. Taste like gooey red gusher filling with a hint of peppermint taste. After brushing my mouth feels clean, cool, minty fresh and happy. This toothpaste is very addictive. Looking at it, it looks like soft candy cane and tastes like it too. Sometimes I get urges to take a big chunk chew and spit out. Like tobacco but it tastes so good. It tastes sweet but has no sugar. Sometimes I get the urge to hide this so I stop eating it. This is a good toothpaste. Some toothpaste give me an urge to spit it out as soon as it is my mouth. This method does not leave to clean teeth and is a waste of money. Plus can give you horrid taste and a bad day. The little toothpaste comes in a little box.(39.6g)